Ms. Eucharia N. Mbachu is a natural philanthropist since her childhood who has very kin interests in helping women and children. As a child growing up in rural Africa, she defied all odds after school by visiting older people whom she usually called grandmas. At that time, clean water was difficult to get even among many people in her area of residence. She would go to the stream to fetch water for these women. On weekends when other kids went out playing she would go to the farm to get firewood to help cook for the elderly. As for her relation with children, she is still called, “Mother of all mothers”. During her days in elementary school she developed the habit of volunteering to baby sit for mothers who had no one to take care of their babies. These mothers were in a bind because they had to go to the farm or to the market to make a living.

Eucharia is a trained journalist who has acquired much experience in writing and editing, she writes on the Internet and in several national and international publications. Her articles are widely acclaimed and she writes on issues affecting women and children. By systematically organizing her experiences in the teaching arena in American schools she has found in her training and experience the golden opportunity to address the needs of women and children. Through this website and the organization she founded, her desire is to educate many women, children and youth about the challenges of the time.

Ms. Mbachu had worked with All Africa.Com, a news service that processes African news worldwide, also she is a columnist with African News Journal, and an Assistant Editor with AFRIQU Event Magazine. She served as a journalist with The Emirate News in the Middle East and her writings are in their archives.

Since her settlement in the United States she has come to realize the interconnection between teaching, writing and working on the affairs of women and children. Through her travels in Africa she has come to connect the dots between these three areas of life. By creating this foundation and drawing from the experiences listed above, she is now very active in the church and community matters affecting women and children in the Washington D.C. area and beyond. Not only has she attended and covered news items affecting women and children, but she has also received fellowships to seminars and conferences where youth, women and children issues were covered. She is now confident that through these chains of networks with people interested in women, children and youth matters that she would be able to sensitize all people of goodwill to listen to the stories of fellow human beings. Through the Voices of Women and Children Organization, many women and children’s lives would be ameliorated. A visit to the photo and video galleries she hopes to create a global microphone for the young people from Ethiopia and beyond. But her intentions do not stop there. She yearns and prays that the moderate efforts of the creators of this organization would come to past. And that there will be a time when women and children will join forces with the rest of humanity and say peace to all men, women and children of goodwill.

Professor Sulayman S. Nyang is originally from the Republic of the Gambia. He teaches as a full professor at the Department of African Studies at Howard University, where he served as a professor for many years. During his tenure in that university he served as chairman of the department from 1986- 1993. From 1993 to the end of the last century he worked with the Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution where he served as a Lead Developer. He has served as a consultant to international organizations such as the World Bank and United Nations agencies.

His academic experience covers not only teaching courses about African countries and issues such as social change and development, but he also writes about issues affecting women and children in Africa through his exploration of religion and secularism on the continent. He was on the boards of the African Studies Association and the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies. He serves on editorial boards of several national and international scholarly publications. He is also a member of the board of directors of many organizations dealing with religion and secular matters.

Professor Nyang’s involvement with the questions of women and youth is linked to his board membership in the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington D.C.; to that of the board of the “Free the Slaves Foundation” in Washington D.C., which addresses the lingering question of slavery and child labor in various parts of the world. His involvement in this field of work is covered on several websites such as the Fund for the Future of Children also in Washington D.C.

Professor Nyang has written extensively. Apart from his political studies, his more widely cited works deal with the history of Islam in Africa and the Americas. He has written several political science essays on a wide range of issues in Africa and beyond. His interest in Women and youth has grown drastically as a result of his visits to various parts of the world. His recent experiences in Africa have made it categorically clear that the development of these populations on the African continent cannot become reality unless and until Africans in the Diaspora sensitive other human beings in the developed world to identify with African interests and work energetically for the women and youth covered in the different narratives reported on this website. 

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